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2X28 AWG FR5OG4-300V – 50 KG   3XAWG 20 + 13XAWG 28 FR5H2G4   4X2X26 AWG + 12X1,50mm2 FR5H2G4OG4
  Tinned copper conductors
FEP insulation
Cores laid up with aramidic yarn strain relief
Tear resistant silicon rubber outer sheath, nominal thickness 0,60 mm

Overall diameter
3,00 mm 
  Tinned copper conductors
 FEP insulation
Cores laid up in concentric layers separated by PTFE tapes
Foil and tinned copper braid overall shields
Tear resistant silicon rubber outer sheath

Overall diameter
7,50 mm 
  4X2X26 AWG
Tinned copper conductors
FEP insulation,
Cores twisted in pairs
Separating PTFE tapes
Tinned copper braid overall shield 
Tear resistant silicon rubber  sheath

12X1,50 mm2:  
Extra flexible bare copper conductors
FEP  insulation
Cores laid up around the central cable
Extra flexible silicon rubber outer sheath

Overall diameter
16,30 mm 
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