14 November 2017

Technological contribution to ground traffic safety and efficiency at airports

Novacavi has been called in to design, manufacture and supply an enhanced version of custom armoured cables specifically engineered for the latest airport control and monitoring systems.

Working closely with its long-term customer PRC Elettronica, Novacavi has developed an upgraded version of AirFieldBus® cables to connect Airfield Ground Lighting Monitoring & Control Modules and Microwave Sensors in order to implement the highest level of A-SMGCS (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System).

This new approach to ground movement increases safety, optimizes taxiway time and reduces CO2 emission generated by commercial aviation.

AirFielBus® cable is specially designed with optimized size to be used in narrow and confined environments, these power and data transmission armoured cables are also oil & fuel resistant and halogen free (LSZH) for improved runway safety.