Cables for Underwater Technologies

Novacavi is involved in providing innovative specialty cables for a broad variety of underwater or water-based environments in high-tech applications.

Bespoke dynamic or static cable solutions meeting your expectations in any harsh environment conditions:

Towing cables up to a load of 380Kn
Neutrally buoyant cables
Floating cables
Torque balanced cables
Sea bottom cables
Water blocked cables
Hybrid cables

Fiber Optic elements fitted cables
Air, gas and fluid hoses fitted cables
Data elements up to CAT 7 fitted cables
Cables integrated with control cores, pairs, triples and quads
Customized single continuous lengths

An extensive range of cable characteristics to guarantee the requested performance:

Fire resistance
Non Flame propagating, non fire propagating
Low smoke halogen free
Cold resistance
Chemical resistance
Oil and fuel resistance
Pressure resistance

Mud resistance
Low toxicity
U.V. protection
High breaking strength
Water tightness

Individually designed, tested and manufactured to be suitable for their requested specific application, they can all be adapted as necessary to meet other special requirements in any conceivable configuration.

For custom requirements: