We take advantage of the latest material developments for insulating layers, conductor wires, shielding and barrier layers.
We evaluate, recommend and supply the right material fitted for each single cable and its application.

Core Element


Bare copper
Copper clad steel (Copperweld ®)
Nickel copper
Silver copper
Tinned copper
Alloys for thermocouples


Single Mode 9/125
Multi Mode 50/125
Multi Mode 62,5/125


ECTFE – Ethylenechlorotrifluoreethylene
EPR -Ethylene-propylene rubber
ETFE – Ethylentetrafluorethylene
EVA – Ethylene-vinyl acetate
FEP – Fluorine-ethylene-propylene (Teflon®)
HDPE – High density polyethylene
LDPE – Low density polyethylene
LLDPE – Linear low density polyethylene
MDPE – Medium density polyethylene
MFA – Methylvinyletherfluoralkoxy
NBR-PVC – Nitrile polyvinyl chloride
OR PVC – Oil resistant polyvinyl chloride
PA – Polyamide PA (6 and 12)
PEEK – Polyether ether ketone
PEI – Polyetherimide
PES – Foam polyolefin
PFA – Perflouroalkoxy

PI – Polyimide (Kapton®)
PP – Polypropylene
PTFE – Polytetrafluoroethylene
PUR – Polyurethane
PVC-PUR – Polyurethane polyvinyl chloride compound
PVC – Polyvinyl chloride (different types / different operating temps)
PVDF – Polinvinylidene fluoride
SEBS – HT Thermoplastic rubber
SI – Silicone rubber
SR-PVC – Semirigid polyvinyl chloride
TPE-E – Polyester elastomer / Polyethylene terephtalate
TPO – (Noryl®, Syltem®,…)
TPR – Santoprene® thermoplastic rubber / Alcryn® thermoplastic rubber
LSZH – Low smoke zero halogen materials (polyolefin compound)
XL materials – XL-PE, XL – Flame retardant, XL-TPE/O (crosslinked by Silanes)



Aluminium tape
Alumimium / Copolymer tape
Aluminised spunbonded tape
Aluminium/Polyester tape
Aluminium / Polyester / Aluminium triplex tape
Copolymer / Aluminium / Copolymer triplex tape
Copper tape
Copper / Polyester tape
Mumetal or permalloy tape
Semiconductive tape

Non Metallic

Fleece / Non woven tape
Flame-retardant tape
Glass tape
Mica / Glass tape
Polyester tape
PTFE (sintered and unsintered) tape
Waterblocking tape


Bare copper
Tinned copper
Silver copper

Nickel copper


Annealed stainless steel wire braid
Aramid yarn (Kevlar®)
Bronze wire braid
Crystal liquid polymer (Vectran®)
Galvanized steel wire braid
Galvanized steel strip

Galvanized steel tapes
Galvanized steel wire
Preformed galvanized improved plow steel wire
Gel spun polyethylene (Dyneema®)
High breaking load stainless steel wire braid


Silicone waterblocking compound
Petroleum jelly

Swelling waterblocking (powder, tape, filling yarn)