Novacavi experienced team can provide knowledge and ability to design and manufacture ideal solutions for a variety of special application in a wide range of industries.

Here a selection of our realized custom projects: individually designed, tested and manufactured to be suitable for their requested specific application, they can all be adapted as necessary to meet other special requirements.

Data Transmission

We carefully evaluate electrical requirements, working conditions and type of installation before offering the perfectly fitted special data, network and bus cable. We can supply moisture, corrosion, mud, oil, chemical agents, hydrocarbon and solvent resistant data transmission cables.


We can offer a variety of custom designed power, control, instrumentation and communication special cables that can meet the strictest military and defence applications.


Environmental Monitoring

Tailored made cables for surface, seismic, subsurface, sea bottom and multidisciplinary monitoring systems. Specifically engineered to perform and endorse special survey equipment in any environmental condition.


Fire and Safety

We can provide a comprehensive range of special cables for high security equipments. Our cables are all designed to withstand high temperature and significant degrees of stretch and bend; they have fire retardant properties and guarantee long service life.

Handling and Mountaineering

From material handling cables to safety cables for ski lifts and cable cars in winter sport resorts. Energy and data supply cables, customized hybrid cables, steel carrier together with communication cable, they can all be offered with excellent mechanical and physical properties including high tensile strength, flexibility, high traveling speed and acceleration in continuous use as well as resistance to abrasion, ultraviolet rays and ozone.

High/Low Temperature

Expertly choosing among a wide variety of thermoplastic, synthetic and metallic materials, we design cables that can meet specific high and low temperature requirements and survive to extreme conditions.


Medical Devices

From reusable medical cables built to endure constant flexing and extended cycles of sterilization to disposable cables, we design and supply special cables for medical and surgical devices ensuring the best performance.

Nuclear Research

Nuclear research needs cables with excellent thermal stability, heat and radiation resistance, long term moisture resistance, and superior electrical performance: we design and supply special power, signal and control systems cables with these characteristics and more others.

Rail, Naval and Airport Transport

We provide special power, control, lighting and signal cables for all highly demanding transport applications. From custom shipboard cables to railway, underground and airport special cables. All our cables are oil and fuel resistant and halogen free (LSZH) for enhanced safety.

Robotics and Automation

All our special cables for robotics and automation are designed for high performance and durability in harsh industrial environments. They all guarantee: extreme flexion and torsion capability; high resistance to oil, corrosion and heat; flame-retardancy and halogen-free for enhanced safety.

ROV, Subsea and Underwater Technologies

High performance Tow cables, ROV cables, Fiber Optic hybrid cables, umbilicals, armoured cables, as well as subsea detection and instrumentation cables for an exceptional variety of special applications.
And a range of advanced custom marine coax tow cables, both heavy steel armoured coax tow cables for harsh specialist applications and lightweight, neutral, positively or negatively buoyant coax tow cables for underwater environment.




We proudly collaborate with National and International scientific and technical excellences engineering, supplying prototypes, testing them and finally delivering the right bespoke cable in the fit for purpose quantity and lengths.


Umbilicals and Pneumatic Automation

Bespoke cables for industrial hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical automation as well as umbilicals for inland and subsea technologies. Cable construction and hoses choice according with customer’s request. High temperature and high pressure resistance, oil and fuel, mud resistance.