22 May 2023

Lan cable for underwater farming

NOVACAVI has recently supplied a special underwater Lan hybrid cable to be deployed for the farm experimental project called Nemo’s Garden. This world’s first underwater cultivation system of terrestrial plants located off the coast of Noli, southwest of Genoa, Italy, consists of an array of suspended, transparent, dome-shaped greenhouses called biospheres, anchored to the bottom […]

3 April 2023

Our Cable in Antarctica

Designed and manufactured by NOVACAVI an electric custom cable with single mode optical fibers for underwater cameras for static application in extreme environments. This cable has been successfully used during remote monitoring of marine fauna in the Antarctic waters of the Ross Sea Marine Protected Area (Ross Sea Region MPA) within the DISCOVERY project of the National […]

28 February 2023

Another armoured cable for research vessel

NOVACAVI has recently designed and manufactured a special coax double armoured cable for the German BSH Bundesamt für Seeschiffahrt & Hydrographie, the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany. We have been asked to fulfil their requirements and to supply a custom cable solution for their VWFS Deneb research vessel. We have been glad to […]

17 January 2023

Special subsea cables to be deployed at 4000m

NOVACAVI has recently engineered and produced a series of special subsea cables to be deployed at 4000m. They have been developed for the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, in close collaboration with the Gibilmanna Geophysical Observatory and they will support the project to consolidate and upgrade the EMSO (European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and Water Column […]

21 November 2022

Tow cable for SZN

Great satisfaction for NOVACAVI in being able to contribute to the activity of one of the most historic and important research institutions in the world in the fields of marine biology and ecology, the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station in Naples. NOVACAVI has recently supplied a dynamic tow armored coaxial cable for underwater use: this cable, […]

24 October 2022

NOVACAVI tether used in Nord stream pipeline damage inspection

First underwater images revealing extensive damages to Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea have been captured by Blueye Robotics drone using NOVACAVI tether. Designed and manufactured to garantee lightness, manoevrability and reliability, this tether cable has been essential during the critical operation at about 80m depth off Denmark.

19 September 2022

Cable Prototype Test

Prototyping is an important activity in most new product development processes. Whether the aim is to explore new opportunities or refine existing technologies, NOVACAVI can be a valuable partner in defining the right cable solution. With in-depth specialized materials knowledge and versatile manufacturing techniques, NOVACAVI specializes in taking applications from technical requirements to design and […]

26 July 2022

ROV cable for underwater instrumental research unit

NOVACAVI has specially designed and manufactured an umbilical cable for ROV used on board the underwater instrumental research unit of the Garda Volunteer Group (Gruppo Volontari del Garda). This neutral buoyancy cable has been supplied with particular characteristics of watertightness, manoeuvrability and reliability dictated by its use during the intervention activities of this deeply specialized […]

30 June 2022

Cable solution for deep sea manned submersible

Harsh environments demand high quality materials such as PFA with its properties of excellent chemical and mechanical resistance at a wide range of extreme temperatures – both high and low – together with good permeability resistance. That’s why NOVACAVI recently chose to design and manufacture a PFA outer sheath thin bespoke cable solution to be […]

26 May 2022

Italian Navy’s NAV-80 homologation

NOVACAVI proudly obtained the Italian Navy’s NAV80 homologation for cables suitable onboard naval units enriching its wide range of special defence cables with: NOVANAV miniaturized and flexible cables for electrical and electronic interconnection according to NAV-80-6145-0003-14-01B000 and NOVANAV zero-halogen electrical and electronic interconnection cables, replacing MIL-DTL-24640 cables not buffered according to NAV-80-6145-0006-13-01B000. These products are […]

26 April 2022

Custom flat flexible cable for cruise ship lifts

NOVACAVI has recently supplied another custom flexible flat cable for lifts installed on cruise ships. To support the need of the Marine division of the Schindler Group to constantly develop solutions that improve the mobility experience of users on board, NOVACAVI has designed and produced a special cable solution able to guarantee efficiency and reliability […]

21 March 2022

Neutrally buoyant tether for fish farming

NOVACAVI has just supplied another neutrally buoyant customized cable solution as reliable part of the innovative Remora Robotics patented technology system for cleaning of fish pens. Conceived, designed and manufactured with the use of lightweight materials and construction to guarantee no physical interference to the autonomous robot installed in the cages, our lightweight tether will […]

14 February 2022

Custom Umbilical for powerful ROV

When a powerful Remotely Operated Vehicle ROV has to face tough offshore conditions, it has to be connected with the proper reliable umbilical cable. This is why Copenhagen Subsea addressed NOVACAVI for its Gorilla ROV new cable solution and NOVACAVI developed a custom neutrally buoyant fiber optic data umbilical cable for fast and noise immune […]

13 January 2022

Special armoured cable for data buoy

NOVACAVI has recently been asked by Mobilis to design and manufacture a special electric data cable for their new DB 24000 EOL data acquisition buoy. This specially engineered armoured cable presents a copper four-conductor configuration and a double armour made of high tensile 316 stainless steel, preformed and prestressed wires. Conceived to guarantee reliable data […]

13 December 2021

Custom tether for confined space inspection activities

NOVACAVI has recently designed and manufactured a custom-built tether to perfectly suit the requirements of Scout Drone Inspection AS. The use case is for the tether to perform as technical integration to their UAV utilized for industrial confined-space inspection. This custom tether is engineered to ensure a steady data link and electrical power during flight. […]