21 October 2021

The right buoyant cable solution for underwater environment

Whatever the required buoyancy, NOVACAVI‘s designs and manufactures the right buoyant cable solution for the underwater specific environment.

Depending on the in-water depth requirements, NOVACAVI‘s technical and productive teams provide lightweight, neutral, positive or negative buoyant cables that can include electrical conductors, fiber optic and mechanical strength members in the whole needed configuration.

In addition to the wide range of neutral ROV tethers, NOVACAVI recently developed a fully customised special buoyant cable solution as a flexible High Frequency antenna element for defence application.

Designed for the exact desired weight and size requirements and as specific high performant integration to the whole system this fiber optic hybrid cable has been manufactured in a light and ruggedized configuration combining together elements such as buoyant foam and LCP reinforcement to obtain high flexibility and wear resistance characteristics.

With this latest project NOVACAVI confirms its mission of innovative cable solution provider.