13 December 2021

Custom tether for confined space inspection activities

NOVACAVI has recently designed and manufactured a custom-built tether to perfectly suit the requirements of Scout Drone Inspection AS.

The use case is for the tether to perform as technical integration to their UAV utilized for industrial confined-space inspection.

This custom tether is engineered to ensure a steady data link and electrical power during flight. Generally, the drone operates in confined and dark industrial environments such as large steel tanks, cargo vessels, silos, etc.

This special tether fulfils all the following mandatory technical requirements:

  • Internal stretch member to withstand drone strength requirements
  • Smooth outer surface to be able to slide over beams, rails etc. without catching
  • Excellent cut resistance, to avoid damage when sliding over obstacles
  • High visibility to be easily seen in low light conditions
  • Halogen-free flame retardancy as recommended by its application

The specific design requirements ensure the tether’s performance as a robust data and power link providing unlimited flight time for confined-space inspection activities.