2 December 2019

NOVACAVI addressing aquaculture ROV systems challenges

Monitoring and maintaining aquaculture infrastructures with remote operated vehicles inspection technology must be supported by reliable and resilient cables to withstand regular use in fish farming underwater facilities.

NOVACAVI offers a wide range of custom cables, robust cables for the harsh environment they are working in and the most flexible ones perfectly suiting diverless ROV multiple tasks (mooring inspection, net maintenance, cleaning, water and sediment sampling, mort removal).

Designed and manufactured to be watertight and long-lasting, custom tethers and umbilicals can be negative, positive or neutral buoyant as required.

To guarantee high tensile forces at a low weight they can be supplied with incorporated aramid yarn or polyester fibers.

From thin and lightweight single conductor or simple coaxial cable to Polyurethane, Polyethylene or Silicon rubber multi conductors, NOVACAVI’s ROV custom cables address a full spectrum of ROV underwater performance challenges in extreme conditions of aquaculture industry.