26 May 2022

Italian Navy’s NAV-80 homologation

NOVACAVI proudly obtained the Italian Navy’s NAV80 homologation for cables suitable onboard naval units enriching its wide range of special defence cables with:

  • NOVANAV miniaturized and flexible cables for electrical and electronic interconnection according to NAV-80-6145-0003-14-01B000


  • NOVANAV zero-halogen electrical and electronic interconnection cables, replacing MIL-DTL-24640 cables not buffered according to NAV-80-6145-0006-13-01B000.

These products are designed and manufactured according to Italian Navy Norms to be applicable on-board Military Naval Vessels for power supply and signal interconnections (fixed laying) between the units of systems, subsystems, and equipment and for power and signal wiring in these vessels.

NAV-80-6145-0003-14-01B000 Certificate

NAV-80-6145-0006-13-01B000 Certificate