7 March 2019

Reinforced umbilical hybrid cable for pipeline inspection tools

NOVACAVI has developed a reinforced umbilical cable to ensure safe operations during inspection of oil & gas pipelines with cable-operated ultrasonic pigs. 13XM469 cable has been engineered with a hybrid configuration made of tinned copper conductors and fiber optic in stainless steel tube for reliable power supply, control and data transmission with fiber braid strength member to withstand pulling caused by friction in pipeline bends and tool weight itself.

Deployed on a winch and placed in open air close to the sea with corrosive atmosphere and tropical areas’ direct sunlight, it is provided with a resilient outer sheath with low friction and high resistance to wear and tear, to seawater, crude oils, naphtha, condensate and diesel.

From concept to the final assembly, NOVACAVI provided the most efficient cable solution to face and support all inspection activities in the most difficult scenarios.