Technical description

Tinned copper conductor
Polyethylene insulation
Copper braid overall shield
PVC sheath
Preformed SWA
TPE-E thermoplastic outer sheath
Nominal overall diameter
15,05 mm

Tinned copper conductor
Polypropylene insulation
Silicone waterblocking compound
Preformed galvanized steel wire armour
Hydrolysis UV resistant PUR outer sheath
Nominal overall diameter
27,30 mm

Bare copper conductors
Polyethylene insulation
Bare copper braid overall shield
PET-E thermoplastic sheath
Polyethylene sheath
Special amagnetic austenitic stainless steel wire armour
Nominal overall diameter
28,60 mm

Main characteristics

Sinking cable
Significant specific weight
High breaking load

Anti torsion constuction

Outstanding combination of strength, toughness and corrosion resistance
38 tons breaking strength

Code 3SSA8

Code 14AZS433

Code 12SSA1