27 January 2021

Cable solution for eco-sustainable reuse of offshore platforms

NOVACAVI has recently made its own technological-productive contribution to the mineral growth test started for the platform protection from corrosion and to favour colonization by marine organisms on the ENI “Viviana 1” platform, offshore Pineto (Abruzzo).

For this specific activity within the PlaCE project that involves the eco-sustainable reuse of offshore platforms, NOVACAVI has designed and provided an ad hoc solution to connect and make efficient the electrified growth structure submerged in the sea at a depth of about 20m.

As integral part of the solution, the 2XM518 cable, our water blocked low voltage underwater cable with high resistance to breakage and dynamic stresses due to constant immersion in water.

NOVACAVI is pleased to have contributed to the development of innovative strategies and technologies for the decommissioning and possible reuse of offshore platforms, which combine industrial needs with the protection of the marine environment.”