25 October 2012

Effective satisfaction for a bespoke 7Km one single length neutrally buoyant ROV fiber optic hybrid cable

Novacavi is really pleased to announce great satisfaction in production and use of a new bespoke 7Km one single length ROV F.O. hybrid cable.

It is a unique customized composed neutrally buoyant cable made with special electric cables laid up together with fiber optic.
It is a load-bearing cable with 7000Kg breaking strength thought to be connected and used in a peculiar underwater inspection system.

Novacavi was called in to provide its expertise in designing and manufacturing a special custom-built neutrally buoyant cable and in this specific case the challenge was to be able to supply 7Km one single length of such a cable.

After having successfully developed, tested and provided a prototype, Novacavi team studied and then realized a special adaptation to the production equipment to optimize the production of the definitive cable.

“We dedicated our expertise and care to each single phase from concept through production, focusing on improvement and innovation in materials and manufacturing processes; now that the cable is perfectly performing its task, we can say we reached  the goal finding and delivering the right cable solution. “says Gianluca Ramploud, partner of Novacavi.

Established in 1975, Novacavi provides expertise in designing and manufacturing bespoke special cables suiting customers’ requirements even when small quantities are needed in a variety of applications.

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