1 July 2015

Novacavi welcomes Oceanographic unit deploy and data reporting at San Antonio Port, Chile

Novacavi has developed and supplied a bespoke rugged polyurethane data cable to be used with an Acoustic Wave and Current Profiler at San Antonio Port, Chile. This subsurface wave measurement system for real time data collection needed a multi-year operation in tough environments special cable. Our customer expressed satisfaction connecting the Oceanographic unit and sharing […]

15 June 2015

Special cables for new Mont-Blanc ropeway

Novacavi proudly shares deep satisfaction for the opening of the brand new Mont-Blanc ropeway. After 5 years of construction works in extreme environment, “Skyway Monte Bianco”– the name of the ropeway – will get over a total drop of over 2000 meters, taking skiers and hikers from the Entrèves village (1300 MSL) up to Punta […]

28 May 2015

Advanced custom marine Coax Tow Cables

Novacavi has introduced its new range of advanced in-house developed and manufactured custom marine coax tow cables. Among them both heavy steel armoured coax tow cables for harsh specialist applications and lightweight, neutral, positively or negatively buoyant coax tow cables for underwater environment. “As a company we constantly seek to provide enhanced engineered solutions that […]

23 April 2015

Special tether cable for the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology latest equipments

Novacavi has recently engineered and supplied a special marine seismic data acquisition cable for INGV, the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. It is a custom designed and built cable to suit and ensure the needs of early detection and in real-time acquiring data of the Institute’s marine geophysical seismic monitoring latest equipments. Novacavi […]

19 January 2015

Celebrating 40 Years of cable technology

Novacavi, the Italian bespoke cable specialist, celebrates 40 years of its activity in 2015. Established in 1975 as a family owned company, Novacavi provides expertise in designing and manufacturing in-house high performance advanced cables for specialist applications. “40 years in business is an incredible achievement, we are very proud of this milestone. We have developed […]

8 October 2014

More specialist applications require Novacavi breaking strain steel armoured subsea cables

Novacavi reports the increasing demand of its production of complex breaking strain steel armoured cables for harsh specialist applications. This range of high performance single or multilayered steel armour subsea cables is designed and manufactured by Novacavi carefully reviewing every aspect of customers’ needs and choosing the latest technology in materials. “Whatever their application, all […]

22 January 2014

Novacavi Cat 6 data cable tested and approved AT 450 bars pressure

Novacavi reports its 8A2041 subsea data transmission cable to have successfully passed a 450 bars pressure test. Cable test has been performed by workshop facility of Transmark Subsea, Norway. Test certification confirms that Novacavi cable 4x2x24 AWG F/UTP Cat 6 PUR cable has been pressurized to 450 bars and has properly performed for 60 minutes. […]

26 November 2013

Second supply of marine cables for Concordia wreck removal

Novacavi is pleased to report a second supply of marine cables used in the Costa Concordia shipwrecking salvage operation off the shore of the island of Giglio, Italy. As the first delivery successfully performed during the parbuckling phase, Novacavi was called in again to provide high tech custom tailored cables for the positioning and survey […]

25 September 2013

The launch of Novacavi’s range Aquancable®

Novacavi is delighted to report the launch of Aquancable®, a wide range of specialist bespoke cables for maritime and underwater technologies. These include ROV cables, Fiber Optic hybrid cables, umbilicals, subsea armoured cables, subsea detection and instrumentation cables to be suitable in any harsh environment conditions while guaranteeing the requested performance. At Novacavi, an almost […]

25 October 2012

Effective satisfaction for a bespoke 7Km one single length neutrally buoyant ROV fiber optic hybrid cable

Novacavi is really pleased to announce great satisfaction in production and use of a new bespoke 7Km one single length ROV F.O. hybrid cable. It is a unique customized composed neutrally buoyant cable made with special electric cables laid up together with fiber optic. It is a load-bearing cable with 7000Kg breaking strength thought to […]

19 January 2012

Novacavi delivers a bespoke subsea FO composite instrumentation cable

Novacavi has just delivered a subsea FO composite instrumentation cable for use with a latest generation work class ROV engaged in deep water operation in the Mediterranean Sea. Single mode fiber optics in metal tube, side scan sonar coaxial cables together with power, communication and other coaxials cables are the principal elements of this customized […]