22 January 2014

Novacavi Cat 6 data cable tested and approved AT 450 bars pressure

Novacavi reports its 8A2041 subsea data transmission cable to have successfully passed a 450 bars pressure test.
Cable test has been performed by workshop facility of Transmark Subsea, Norway.

Test certification confirms that Novacavi cable 4x2x24 AWG F/UTP Cat 6 PUR cable has been pressurized to 450 bars and has properly performed for 60 minutes.

The bandwidth complied with the Cat 6 norm during the whole pressure cycle.

Test results bear witness to Novacavi reliability, competence and great experience in subsea application. “Combining every technical feature and design requirements we continuously meet and exceed new industry needs. Our 8A2041 Cat 6 subsea instrumentation cable further broaden Aquancable®, our wide range of specialist bespoke cables for maritime and underwater technologies”, remarks the company “.

Privately owned specialist bespoke cable manufacturer established in 1975, Novacavi designs and manufactures in-house high quality unique cables to be suitable in any harsh environment conditions while guaranteeing the requested performance.

The company will showcase its expertise on its booth L 155, at Oceanology International 2014, 11-13 March 2014, London, Excel.

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