13 January 2022

Special armoured cable for data buoy

NOVACAVI has recently been asked by Mobilis to design and manufacture a special electric data cable for their new DB 24000 EOL data acquisition buoy.

This specially engineered armoured cable presents a copper four-conductor configuration and a double armour made of high tensile 316 stainless steel, preformed and prestressed wires.

Conceived to guarantee reliable data collection while withstanding the hostile environment in which it will operate, this cable solution is part of NOVACAVI’s extensive range of dynamic armoured cables for oceanography, seismology, hydrography, defence, aquaculture, marine renewable energy, oil and gas exploration and production, and any other shallow and deep-water applications the company has been supplying since 1975.

Reliable and durable electromechanical armoured cable solutions for underwater and harsh environments tasks can be in various configurations, with or without overall sheath, in a wide spectrum of diameters, with tightest size tolerance and high breaking strength in fit for purpose quantity and lengths.