30 August 2021

Underwater cable for floating energy archipelago

NOVACAVI has specially developed a hybrid underwater cable with optical fiber for the first sea-scale prototype of floating energy archipelago, an innovative idea for a sustainable use of marine renewable energy of CNR-INM (Institute for Marine Engineering).

With a reinforced configuration, this cable has been designed for the first laboratory at sea in Italy at the port of Naples (co-managed by CNR-Diitet and Unicampania university).

It will integrate the part of transmission of electricity from land to platforms at sea, the part of transmission of electricity generated at sea to land and the part of digital signal transmission while at the same time it will guarantee excellent resilience to the forces to which it subjected.

NOVACAVI is proud to contribute to the realization of this Electrical System Research project funded by MiSE and coordinated by the Department of Engineering Diitet of the CNR, a strategic research project for the industrial system of the offshore renewable energy sector.