2 December 2020

Special solution for tactical wearable connectivity system

NOVACAVI has recently engineered and manufactured a special custom power and data cable to be integrated in a tactical wearable connectivity system for infantry war fighters. Our extremely thin, light, flexible and tough cable has been conceived to be seamlessly built-in into a comprehensive, rugged and reliable new gear for the defense & security market […]

27 October 2020

Reinforced cable solutions for underwater tunnelling

NOVACAVI recently applied its full capability for design and manufacture of custom-built cables for harsh environments providing special supply and power communication cables for the construction of a new underwater tunnel. Cables had to be engineered and expertly produced considering they have to perform as a link between surface vessel and sub-tube junction unit at […]

22 September 2020

Prototype for an innovative floating solar power plant system

NOVACAVI team has been recently asked to develop and manufacture a prototype of a rugged and reliable custom-engineered cable solution for an innovative floating solar electricity system for marine environment installed in Oslo fjord, Norway. Being challenged by its specific permanent application on top of floating fully supported solar panels above water level, NOVACAVI managed to […]

31 August 2020

Multi-purpose coax armoured tow cable

Engineered to act underwater and in harsh environment conditions, manufactured to withstand mechanical stresses, extreme temperatures and aggressive agents, NOVACAVI’s custom-designed rugged armoured cables are reliable solutions for any severe application tasks. Among them NOVACAVI introduces its standardized multi-purpose coax preformed galvanized steel wire double armoured tow cable to face and fulfil multiple challenges of […]

25 August 2020

NOVACAVI listed in the MTR100 2020

The July/August edition of Marine Technology Reporter, the 15th Annual “MTR100” included NOVACAVI in list of the 100 leading companies in the international marine technology marketplace. MTR100 the people, the technology & trends driving subsea science, commerce & defense Read the Marine Technology Reporter Novacavi’s page

24 July 2020

Floating cables for pool cleaning robots

As part of the wide range of special cables for drones and robot vehicles, NOVACAVI includes custom floating cables for pool cleaners in swimming pools and commercial swimming facilities with high demands on performance and reliability. For electricity transmission working on water, these buoyant cables are designed and manufactured with pre-set floating features to implement […]

1 July 2020

3Km fiber optic tether for hydroelectric project

NOVACAVI proudly supplied a 3-kilometer fiber optic tether for an upgraded Chinook ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) engaged in tunnel and penstock inspection at Old Chiriqui River projects in western Panama. Engineered to perfectly match and maximize performance of this 3-kilometer capacity underwater observation and inspection-class vehicle and its reel system, 6GAX130 reinforced tether cable allowed […]

15 June 2020

Electro-mechanical custom cable for water monitoring

NOVACAVI designed and supplied a thin and light but strong and tough two conductors’ custom cable with a liquid-crystal polymer (LCP) fiber braid strength member and a PUR Hydrolysis UV resistant outer sheath for high-quality water sampling equipment for sea and ocean technology application. Specifically engineered for a new hand and motor winch with 30Kg […]

19 May 2020

Launching a selection of cables for underwater technologies

A long-term expertise in custom cable design and manufacturing for underwater technologies, led NOVACAVI to identify and come up with a selection of subsea and marine cables suitable for a wide variety of underwater technologies where no cable customization is required but the most efficient, reliable and available cable solution is strategic. Standard cables in […]

4 May 2020

Special multi coaxial cable for soil monitoring system

NOVACAVI has been recently asked to conceive and manufacture a special multi coaxial cable to be integrated in a soil monitoring system that required a customised approach. Starting from customer’s mandatory requirements, with an over 40 years technical and production experience, NOVACAVI supplied the right tailor-made cable solution for this specific application rather than a […]

10 April 2020

More purpose-built cables for drones and robotic vehicles

Exploration, monitoring, inspection, maintenance, protection and surveillance, search and rescue operations with land, maritime, subsea and aerial automated vehicles and robotic systems are rapidly developing and increasing both in commercial and military application. NOVACAVI is technically supporting this upward trend with dynamic and manoeuvrable cables ensuring smooth and reliable operations. Key features High strength Optimized […]

18 February 2020

Novacavi’s cable in wave energy installation

NOVACAVI recently contributed to the development of technologies that convert sea wave power into electrical energy, with a special custom cable engineered to connect the pilot unit moored offshore to the network of the ISWEC prototype (Inertial Sea Wave Energy Converter) within the Eni MaREnergy research program. Installed offshore Ravenna by ENI, ISWEC is the […]

8 January 2020

From NOVACAVI to the Italian-French station Concordia in Antarctica

Our latest custom cables for extreme cold temperatures and severe environmental conditions are ready to leave NOVACAVI premises and to be delivered to the Concordia Station, the Italian-French permanent and all-year research station on the Antarctic Plateau, Dome C, (75° 06’ S, 123° 21’ E). These extreme temperature cables are designed and manufactured to reliably […]

2 December 2019

NOVACAVI addressing aquaculture ROV systems challenges

Monitoring and maintaining aquaculture infrastructures with remote operated vehicles inspection technology must be supported by reliable and resilient cables to withstand regular use in fish farming underwater facilities. NOVACAVI offers a wide range of custom cables, robust cables for the harsh environment they are working in and the most flexible ones perfectly suiting diverless ROV […]

5 November 2019

Mooring cables for LoVe Ocean Observatory, Norway

With extensive experience in designing and manufacturing underwater custom cables, NOVACAVI has recently supplied a couple of specially engineered mooring cables for the Lofoten-Vesterålen Cabeled Ocean Observatory. The Lofoten-Vesterålen Cabeled Ocean Observatory (LoVe) is a Norwegian infrastructure for marine research, monitoring and subsea technology development off the North Norway coast. Due to their peculiar harsh […]