14 November 2017

Technological contribution to ground traffic safety and efficiency at airports

Novacavi has been called in to design, manufacture and supply an enhanced version of custom armoured cables specifically engineered for the latest airport control and monitoring systems. Working closely with its long-term customer PRC Elettronica, Novacavi has developed an upgraded version of AirFieldBus® cables to connect Airfield Ground Lighting Monitoring & Control Modules and Microwave […]

5 September 2017

Special Fishing Tow Cables for Vessels in North Sea

Novacavi reports an additional supply of special fishing tow cables in connection with its long-term customer Seascape BV. Already tested with full satisfaction, these fit for purpose cables are used onboard special equipped Dutch vessels for flat fish fishing with electric pulse system in North Sea. Cables have to be continuously pulled backwards and forward […]

27 June 2017

New cable solutions for offshore, oil & gas and marine industries

Consciously aware of the inherent challenges in delivering the right cable solution in offshore, oil & gas and marine industries, Novacavi has recently enriched its wide range of custom cables with mud resistant cables according to NEK 606 and gas blocked cables according to ATEX IEC 60079-14 Annex E.1 for use in EX-d applications. Tested […]

17 May 2017

Custom cables for reliable subsea monitoring

Novacavi just released its P_22SSA ruggedized custom cable to support reliable and secure monitoring activity of marine environment. This electro-optical-mechanical custom cable enriches our extremely diverse production range of subsea armoured cable for detection and instrumentation in defence and environmental monitoring applications. Key advantages of this armoured halogen free low smoke cable are high working […]

1 March 2017

NOVACAVI committed in geothermal custom cable solutions

Novacavi recently released its 7SSA22 custom rugged armoured cable for logging downhole equipment in geothermal power plants. Specifically engineered to operate in a 4 km depth geothermal well in presence of pressure and at a working temperature of more than 300°C, its tough performance is achieved through technological and applicative expertise in choosing and working […]

10 January 2017

Composite signal cables for oil detection radar systems

Novacavi special signal and video composite cables are used in the latest oil radar systems that detect the oil in the sea for offshore and onshore installations. Cables are conceived and manufactured to guarantee high performance and reliability in recording and processing radar images. These Low smoke zero halogen fire resistant cables are also characterised […]

6 September 2016

Special low temperature power cables for Concordia research station on the Antarctic Plateau

Novacavi recently applied its experience in engineering cables for extreme temperatures and environmental conditions in conceiving special low temperature power cables for Concordia Station, the permanent and all-year research station on the Antarctic Plateau. This French-Italian research facility located on one of the coldest places on Earth needed a customized cable solution securely operating under […]

27 July 2016

Longitudinally water blocked cable against hydrostatic pressure

Novacavi reports its 22XM413 custom transmission data and power hybrid cable to have successfully passed endurance test for hydrostatic longitudinal water tightness. Cable test has been performed for 2 hours at water pressure of more than 2 bars in Novacavi facilities with – as positive result – no leakage and no slippage of cores. Best […]

27 June 2016

Super dynamic performance and extreme temperature resistant cables for civil aviation

Novacavi awarded another contract to deliver super dynamic custom cables performing at extreme temperatures range for civil aviation segment. Since 2006 Novacavi has designed and manufactured fluoropolymer special cables for de-icing systems for civil aircrafts. These cables are conceived to guarantee stable mechanical properties when dynamically used under the temperature range to which civil aircrafts […]

19 April 2016

NOVACAVI engineered a new hybrid cable in a multi-protocol optical fiber configuration

Novacavi has just engineered a special hybrid cable for latest electro optical transmission systems in marine application. It is specifically designed with single mode and multi mode fiber optics in several different protocols all together within one metal tube in combination with other electrical components. This customized hybrid cable is conceived as a perfect functional […]

22 February 2016

Novacavi reports engagement in a pilot project for ENI platforms subsidence monitoring in Adriatic Sea

Novacavi is pleased to announce its engagement in a pilot project for ENI (Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi – National Oil Board) platforms subsidence monitoring in Adriatic Sea. Novacavi has been called in to provide a specially designed custom pressure resistant cable for a new submarine hydraulic digital profile meter to be laid on the seabed close […]

1 February 2016

Featuring commitment to satisfy marine technology and ocean science industry at OI 2016

Novacavi will show its continued commitment to provide exceptional engineered products for marine technology and ocean science industry at Oceanology International 2016. “There is an increasing demand of pressure resistant subsea cables and water blocking high performance cables for extreme environments that we are ready to meet enriching our range of specially designed and in-house […]

9 December 2015

Underwater custom cable for monitoring bradyseism in Pozzuoli Gulf

Novacavi reports development and supply of a new custom cable for monitoring bradyseism phenomenon in Pozzuoli Gulf, near Naples, Italy. That area has always been characterized by ground uplift and lowering phenomena of varying extent and, therefore, monitoring is a strategic measure for security. A new technique developed by a team of researchers from the […]

29 October 2015

Novacavi special umbilical cable for innovative high power working Rov

Novacavi has recently supplied a custom umbilical cable suited to support a high power work ROV system to operate alongside bigger vessels. Kapacitet A/S, a Danish company focused on technology and product development, asked Novacavi to conceive and manufacture a special buoyant cable from the idea phase through to the finished high quality accessory to […]

21 September 2015

Oceanology International CHINA 2015

NOVACAVI is exhibiting at Oceanology International CHINA 2015, CECIS-Shanghai November 03-05, 2015 Location: CECIS –Shanghai Booth n. E06 Come and visit our stand E06, we will be on site to showcase our expertise in designing and manufacturing in-house high performance advanced cables for an exceptional variety of demanding applications.