21 March 2022

Neutrally buoyant tether for fish farming

NOVACAVI has just supplied another neutrally buoyant customized cable solution as reliable part of the innovative Remora Robotics patented technology system for cleaning of fish pens. Conceived, designed and manufactured with the use of lightweight materials and construction to guarantee no physical interference to the autonomous robot installed in the cages, our lightweight tether will […]

14 February 2022

Custom Umbilical for powerful ROV

When a powerful Remotely Operated Vehicle ROV has to face tough offshore conditions, it has to be connected with the proper reliable umbilical cable. This is why Copenhagen Subsea addressed NOVACAVI for its Gorilla ROV new cable solution and NOVACAVI developed a custom neutrally buoyant fiber optic data umbilical cable for fast and noise immune […]

13 January 2022

Special armoured cable for data buoy

NOVACAVI has recently been asked by Mobilis to design and manufacture a special electric data cable for their new DB 24000 EOL data acquisition buoy. This specially engineered armoured cable presents a copper four-conductor configuration and a double armour made of high tensile 316 stainless steel, preformed and prestressed wires. Conceived to guarantee reliable data […]

13 December 2021

Custom tether for confined space inspection activities

NOVACAVI has recently designed and manufactured a custom-built tether to perfectly suit the requirements of Scout Drone Inspection AS. The use case is for the tether to perform as technical integration to their UAV utilized for industrial confined-space inspection. This custom tether is engineered to ensure a steady data link and electrical power during flight. […]

15 November 2021

Expanded armoured range for underwater and harsh environments

NOVACAVI announces the expansion of available types within its armoured cables range for underwater and harsh environments. Since 1975, the company has been offering in-house produced armoured cables for oceanography, seismology, hydrography, defence, aquaculture, marine renewable energy, oil and gas exploration and production, and any other shallow and deep-water applications. Custom designed single and multi-layered […]

21 October 2021

The right buoyant cable solution for underwater environment

Whatever the required buoyancy, NOVACAVI‘s designs and manufactures the right buoyant cable solution for the underwater specific environment. Depending on the in-water depth requirements, NOVACAVI‘s technical and productive teams provide lightweight, neutral, positive or negative buoyant cables that can include electrical conductors, fiber optic and mechanical strength members in the whole needed configuration. In addition […]

30 August 2021

Underwater cable for floating energy archipelago

NOVACAVI has specially developed a hybrid underwater cable with optical fiber for the first sea-scale prototype of floating energy archipelago, an innovative idea for a sustainable use of marine renewable energy of CNR-INM (Institute for Marine Engineering). With a reinforced configuration, this cable has been designed for the first laboratory at sea in Italy at […]

14 July 2021

Smart remote inspection cable for marine industry

NOVACAVI recently designed a requested custom cable to transmit USB signals as part of the innovative Kiber solution, an AR technology-based tool for remote collaboration mainly used in the industrial field. For the most effective performance, NOVACAVI has developed an ad hoc cable specific configuration with class 6 conductors guaranteeing a high flexibility and resilience of […]

15 June 2021

Cables with Antimicrobial Properties

To meet the growing need for hygiene and safety, NOVACAVI is now able to design and produce customized cables with integrated antimicrobial properties extremely effective in counteracting the presence and reproduction of microbes, harmful bacteria, fungi and mold. The applied highly-effective technology provides to these products a specific antibacterial protection suitable for all biological risk-intensive […]

19 April 2021

Extension cables for submerged hydrophones

NOVACAVI is involved in developing cable solutions for underwater sensors designed to collect sounds, noises and other acoustic signals that propagate in the sea or in fresh water. With long term experience in design and manufacturing of high quality underwater custom cables, NOVACAVI provides collaborative technology and innovation in engineering bespoke extension cables for submerged hydrophones and […]

1 March 2021

Purpose-built robotic cable for underwater archaeology

Focusing on design and production of purpose-built cables for marine robotics, NOVACAVI has recently developed a special slightly floating tether to be connected with a Tether Management System (TMS) used for deep-sea archaeology activities. NOVACAVI was asked to develop a 3000m depth rated water blocked buoyant mini-ROV cable to exchange data and supply power during […]

27 January 2021

Cable solution for eco-sustainable reuse of offshore platforms

NOVACAVI has recently made its own technological-productive contribution to the mineral growth test started for the platform protection from corrosion and to favour colonization by marine organisms on the ENI “Viviana 1” platform, offshore Pineto (Abruzzo). For this specific activity within the PlaCE project that involves the eco-sustainable reuse of offshore platforms, NOVACAVI has designed and […]

2 December 2020

Special solution for tactical wearable connectivity system

NOVACAVI has recently engineered and manufactured a special custom power and data cable to be integrated in a tactical wearable connectivity system for infantry war fighters. Our extremely thin, light, flexible and tough cable has been conceived to be seamlessly built-in into a comprehensive, rugged and reliable new gear for the defense & security market […]

27 October 2020

Reinforced cable solutions for underwater tunnelling

NOVACAVI recently applied its full capability for design and manufacture of custom-built cables for harsh environments providing special supply and power communication cables for the construction of a new underwater tunnel. Cables had to be engineered and expertly produced considering they have to perform as a link between surface vessel and sub-tube junction unit at […]

22 September 2020

Prototype for an innovative floating solar power plant system

NOVACAVI team has been recently asked to develop and manufacture a prototype of a rugged and reliable custom-engineered cable solution for an innovative floating solar electricity system for marine environment installed in Oslo fjord, Norway. Being challenged by its specific permanent application on top of floating fully supported solar panels above water level, NOVACAVI managed to […]